Friday, January 30, 2009

Project 5 : Semi-Abstract Figure Composition

If you haven't already fallen asleep with this you will be glad to know that this here is the final proposed Project in my Course Plan which will try to combine all that I expect to cover in the coming year:

PROJECT 5 : Semi-Abstract Figure Composition.

This final, extended, project will bring together all my experiments and findings from previous focussed studies and projects to create a series of paintings that expresses figures in a semi-abstract manner. The intention is to establish this way of painting as my own and produce sufficient work to a high quality which will form the basis of my next solo exhibition.

Theoretic Study: Looking at the work of artists such as William Scott, Richard Diebenkorn, Roger Hilton, Keith Vaughan, and also contemporary artists, such as Jacqueline Watt, who developed their figurative painting in a semi-abstract manner.

Time Allocation: 20 weeks

Outcomes: Sketchbook drawings;
Composition and colour studies;
10 finished paintings, or more.
Project Commentaries;
Theoretic Study findings.

You will see that this is the longest period of work at 20 weeks when i hope to simply be producing at least one painting per week.

Next week I will start to post up some of the work I have been engaged in for Project 1, Painting 1.
Have a cup of coffee, or a glass of wine and calm yourselves down - this is going to get a lot more interesting!


my croft said...

still awake.
and extraordinarily impressed by (and more than a little envious of) the thoroughness and scope of this plan.
I'm eager to see how unfolds. And I think I may steal some of the plan. ;-)

wv: scoarc
it has possibilities

daviddrawsandpaints said...

If you think you can create scoarc's out of any of this Melanie then you are very clumdink!

I am trying to strike a balance here between writing up a fully developed and detailed plan and leaving some scope for changes, depending on the direction of the wind and how much wine I've had.

Progress is being made and if you can remain awake a bit longer you might get to see some of it next week.

my croft said...

hmm, clumdink. I suppose I've been called worse things.

Things do evolve. I think did a post about one of the more profound, if casually expressed, things I learned as an undergraduate back in the Middle Pleistocene era: "You can't have total chaos, you must have somethign from which to depart."

katio, wee davey.

daviddrawsandpaints said...

And I've always been a great believer in Total Chaos Theory (as you might have guessed!).

The last time I was called "wee davey" was when I used to go and stay with my uncle "Big" Davey back in the Halocene epoch, so that at least means I'm not quite as old as you, Melly Mel (and you thought clumdink was bad :o)

Brian McGurgan said...

Yep, still awake here and anxiously waiting to see some paintings - but willing to keep waiting until you're good and ready, David!

marry said...

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