Monday, January 26, 2009

Project 3 : Abstract Painting

This is the third proposed project as set out in the Course Plan:

PROJECT 3 : Abstract Painting.

In this project my aim is to further explore abstract painting and build upon my interest in the subject and the work done for Chapter 3 of Painting 2, and Chapter 10 of Painting 3 (Chapter 2: Finding Your Way) both titled “Abstraction and Abstract Painting”.
I am particularly interested in American Abstract Expressionism and coming to an understanding of the terms “free abstract”, or non-objective (also non-figurative) painting and “colour field“.

Theoretic Study: Research Abstract Expressionism in America studying the work of artists such as Jackson Pollock, Helen Frankenthaler, Marc Rothko, and others, and British artists such as Gillian Ayers, Patrick Heron, Peter Lanyon, Terry Frost, to discover more about painting from the sub-conscious.

Time Allocation: 6 weeks.

Outcomes: Sketchbook drawings;
Compositional and colour studies;
4 paintings, or more;
Project Commentaries;
Theoretic Study findings.

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