Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Project 4 : Feelings and Emotions

This is the penultimate proposed project of my Course Plan:

PROJECT 4: Feelings and Emotion.

In this project my aim is to consider and explore the expression of feelings and emotion through use of colour. This is intended to be a more specific exploration of how to describe these factors in an abstract manner.
Many artists I have come to know (through the internet) create wonderful abstract work by opening up to the way they are feeling. This, I believe, involves, allowing and encouraging free expression from the subconscious. Whatever it is I want to give myself the same freedom to explore this way of painting.
This subject is therefore somewhat vague at the moment but I expect, as I progress, to clarify my thoughts and develop a worthy project.

Theoretic Study: Research the subject and identify artists who specifically express their feelings and emotions in painting.

Time Allocation: 6 weeks.

Outcomes: Colour studies;
4 paintings, or more;
Theoretic Study findings.

Nearly there - just one more proposed Project, then we're on to actual paintings, so hang on in there, the pain will, I hope, be worth it in the end :o)

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