Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Project 1: Course Aims and Outcomes

The first project (Project 1) in this OCA Painting 3: Advanced Course was to complete my Student Profile, then set out a series of general intentions for the Course (Course Aims and Outcomes), followed by an all-encompassing Course Plan. This would include a description of each Project with supporting Theoretical Studies, and a time-schedule or Programme showing when these projects would take place and where Tutorials would fit in.

Over the next few days I will post up each of these elements in turn (apart from the Student Profile as you already know me!) as submitted for, and given, approval :

1.01 Course Aims and Outcomes

My intention with this course is to devise a series of projects which will develop the work I have already been engaged in over the past few years and help me reach a higher, more professional standard.
I want to generate the same sort of response contemporary Scottish artists like
Jacqueline.Watt, Christopher.Wood, and Gail.Harvey have in me when I view their work, only using figures as a starting point rather than landscape. To achieve this, Projects will build towards a personal semi-abstract language based on figure compositions. I also intend to explore more deeply the expression of emotions in my painting.

While my Extended Written Project will investigate this idea of expressing feelings and emotions through painting, my final painting projects will contrive to bring this theoretical knowledge together with the practical work.

  • I aim to continue the development of my figurative painting;
  • I aim to do this in a dynamic, semi-abstract manner;
  • I aim to explore the emotional interaction between figures using bold and expressive colouring;
  • I aim to complete this course within 1 year;
  • I aim to submit my work for assessment.


  • I want to develop a strong personal painting style;
  • I want to improve my painting technique and become more confident in achieving a good quality end result;
  • I want to develop further my own critical thoughts about painting;
  • I want to produce a series of quality paintings suitable for exhibition;
  • I want to develop a more professional work ethic.

Next installment: Tomorrow you will see my Course Plan.


Andrea Kobayashi 小林アンドレア said...

David, This new project looks interesting indeed. I want to comment further but I need to read it in more detail first. Thanks for the invite.

daviddrawsandpaints said...

The very best of luck, Andrea. If you manage to make any sense of it please let me know :o)

ps: welcome aboard, and hold tight - it may get a bit bumpy at times!

Andrea Kobayashi 小林アンドレア said...

I'll strap on my seat belt, as that Hollywood dame said!