Sunday, June 28, 2009

Pastel Studies 1

On a very sunny day at the beginning of June I spent a whole day sitting in my garden, sometimes sunning myself, and sometimes sitting in the shade. But not just lounging about - working as well!

With my painting studies turning decidedly facial, I stopped. I didn't want to get too figurative so early and wanted to explore how to express my feelings only using colour.

So I sat for most of that beautiful day with sketchbook on my knees and pastels in my hand in a meditative state searching within. I thought that by taking the time to quieten my mind and bring all my attention to bear I would eventually feel something.
I can't say that I did especially, but I did make over twenty different studies, five of which are shown here:

Pastel Feeling #1, pastels on paper, A4.
Thinking about what shapes feelings might take. Perhaps that was the problem...thinking!

Pastel Feeling #4, pastels on paper, A4.
Allowing myself to feel lovingly, this one danced around in pink and red. But what is that black shape intruding from the left? All is not well on the love-boat!

Pastel Feeling #7, pastels on paper, A4.
When I think of "Compassion" I always immediately think of a soft green, followed by warmth flooding down. Touches of blue seem to speak of spiritual matters.

Pastel Feeling #21, pastels on paper, A4.
Anger to me is like a red mist descending with hot blood flushing the face and a black knot in my stomach.

Pastel Feeling #22, pastels on paper, A4.
Anger again, this time explosive!

A lovely day in the garden, but none of these studies satisfied me. I needed to try again.

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