Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Scherzo Polyptych

"Scherzo Polyptych", Acrylics and paper collage on hardboard, 61x240cm.


vivien said...

Sorry I haven't visited for ages - just catching up.

These are really developing and starting to go somewhere :>)

All that experimenting is really coming through and working with these.

This has a terrific feeling of movement, dance, music .....

daviddrawsandpaints said...

Hi Vivien, Thanks for commenting. I haven't been doing much visiting lately either - feeling a bit washed out by my efforts with this project, and also I have moved straight into the next project [Feelings and Emotions] without a break (I will be taking a break in July when it's my wife's birthday and with my son and his partner we all go to Majorca).
The F&E Project is testing not just my resolve but my ability to feel anything! Finding it difficult to blog about it.
Pleased you got the sense of dancing movement in this "Scherzo". Have you had a look at my Action Painting antics on YouTube yet? Not to be missed :o)