Saturday, May 9, 2009

Klinesque Abstracts

The last few weeks have been high intensity for me finishing my final paintings for this Abstract Painting Project and getting everything ready for my Third Tutorial on Wednesday last. I am absolutely jiggered but satisfied I reached a good conclusion which I will talk about in the next few days, but for now I will try to catch up on what I have been up to since my last posting of "free" abstract paintings.

Following on from those "free" abstract studies, where I cast everything to the wind, suddenly I take fright and think...woah, hold up there big fellah, there are other ways to skin a cat ye'know (apologies to felines the world over). Think of Franz Kline. Think of Patrick Heron. Think of Robert Motherwell. Each of them, aparently, often found their imagery by making "doodles" from their subconscious first. But instead of making small doodles (or as I had been calling them, "Subconscious Musings") they drew larger scribbles and then worked them up into large scale paintings. Kline, in particular, used broad brushes in old telephone directories to create his bold structural images then very carefully painted them to a larger scale while preserving their "spontaneity". Hey, I can do that I naively thought. And here's what came out:

"Klinesque Abstract #1", acrylics on primed hardboard, 41x61cm.
Using a household paintbrush loaded with Prussian Blue I laid down the dark motif straight from my gut, then, as freely as I could muster, added colour areas in response to some sweet inner voice.
Orange always speaks loudly to me.

What comes out has a bold graphic quality that I like and I am excited by this, but the next question (as always) is: Aye, but can ye do it again?

Repeating the same process this next one surfaces:

"Klinesque Abstract #2", acrylics on primed hardboard, 41x61cm.
As far as I'm concerned this meets my favoured criteria of an image jumping off the far end of a Gallery wall.
Does it for me!
How could you ignore it?

But can I do it again?

"Klinesque Abstract #8", acrylics on primed hardboard, 41x61cm.

Each of them looking strong but their only meaning, if you need one, is that it comes from somewhere deep and has resonance within me.

And that's all there is today.

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