Friday, April 10, 2009

Abstract Paintings #3, #4, and #5

Moving swiftly on from previous posting, these three abstracts came in quick succession:

Abstract painting #3
acrylics on primed hardboard, 47.7x61cm.

All three were developed from what I call "sub-conscious musings", where I let my pen wander freely within a small aperture, and later draw out the image as it appears to me, applying colours as they come to me.

This one (above) undoubtably came after researching the work of the English painter, Roger Hilton, concluding with his "March 1956" painting in blues and white.

And I followed on with these two next ones, almost simultaneously thereafter:

Abstract painting #4
acrylics on primed hardboard, 46x67.5cm.

Abstract painting #5
acrylics on primed hardboard, 46x67.5cm.

Both of these were painted on already prepared hardboard primed with household emulsion. But they must have been two different types of emulsion for the first (a pale lilac blue) was slightly chalky, and the second (a darker mid-blue) was smoother as though it was actually oil-based (that will go well with the subsequent layer of acrylics I'm sure!).

I speak of this as though it meant something, and it did for me, because in the first the acrylic paint kind of sank into the surface, while in the second the paint stayed more on the surface. An interesting difference to ponder. Whether either are considered finished or not depends on whether I think there is something more to be added, which I don't see as yet.
And before you ask, both of these are purely imaginative with absolutely no reference to anything objective, like a mountain perhaps, or the sea, or even body-parts :o)

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