Wednesday, April 14, 2010


The eigth planet from the sun, Neptune is named after the Roman god of water and the sea. He was the brother of Jupiter and Pluto, and is analogous, but not identical to, the Greek Poseidon.

Neptune is an "Ice Giant" coloured blue as a result of absorption of red light by methane on the surface. It has 13 satelite moons, the largest called Triton, and it also has a dark spot similar to Jupiter's red spot:

The classical representation of Neptune is of this somewhat fearsome male figure with flowing locks and carrying a trident spear:

Wanting to bring a more contemporary slant the image I have had in my head from the outset the idea of a scuba-diver suspended up-side down in the deep-blue ocean with the planet seen through the surface of the water from underneath:

Pencil on paper, A4 Sketchbook page.
However, it felt like too much to show the full scuba-diving gear so, thinking about the pleasure I get from a simple snorkel and flippers when I go swimming with the fishes on Mediterannean holidays, this is how I will show him.

I am easily convinced that the concept is right and quickly turn to explore colour choices:

Neocolour on paper, A4ish.

Neocolour on paper, A3.

Acrylics on paper, A2.

The final painting remains close to the original concept as shown in the studies:

Acrylics on canvas, 61x42cm.

Neptune is diving deep underwater accompanied by his thirteen acolytes represented by 13 small fishes.

I would have preferred to have him holding a modern trident spear-gun but it never looked right so I left him with the simple spear. I may want to revisit this subject again when the course is finished but for the time being this will be presented as one of the 11 paintings I intend to complete.

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