Monday, July 13, 2009

Facial Feelings #1 and #2

And now to the 'end-game'.

While I was extremely pleased with the previous series of five "Free Emotions" painted in acrylics I felt that there was still yet another step to take. I wanted to go further. I wanted this project to end with a series of paintings which would bridge the gap between Project 3: Abstract Painting, and Project 5: Semi-abstract Figurative Painting. And I was still attracted to the idea of using figure elements, ie; faces, to express those emotions.

Some of the pastel studies I made were tantalising - they looked like they could be translated into paintings which would complete the project in the way I wanted.

Choosing one of the studies which was intended to represent "Happiness", or "Joy", and using oils, which I think I prefer to acrylics, I started with this first "Facial Feeling" painting:

"Facial Feeing #1", oils on primed hardboard, 61x40.5cm.
Started laying-in blocks of colour which roughly corresponds with the pastel study, but then, of course, the painting takes on a life of it's own. Allowing myself to feel 'happy feelings' with thoughts of past pleasurable experiences and occassions I paint freely and totally immersed in the painting. I am also trying not to be too descriptive, or prescriptive, of what a face actually looks like preferring to let the emotion come through by the use of colour. Facial features cannot be suppressed for too long and these are suggested with a horizontal stroke here and a vertical stroke there, and the curving side of a cheekbone.

Pleased with this, and somewhat excited, but having taken Number #1 about as far as I can at this moment I decide to make another attempt just to see if I was able to do it all again:

"Facial Feeing #2", oils on primed hardboard, 61x40.5cm.
This one was intended to suggest "Compassion" but it doesn't quite do that for me. I will make another attempt later, but for now these two paintings are a bit of a revelation - I think I may be onto something.

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Brian McGurgan said...

Wow, intense colors David! The first is like a gush of warm, positive feeling.